CEIDSS (Centro de estudos e Investigação em Dinâmicas Sociais e Saúde)

CEIDSS is a non-profit research organization, funded in 2008, working in the area of health promotion with a focus on the social determinants of health and especially contributing for the reduction of health inequalities.

It is situated in Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal and aggregates researchers, practitioners and health professionals working at international, national and local level. It develops research (R&D) projects aligned with National and International (WHO and EU) Health priorities guided by the vision of identifying cost-effective health policies and strategies particularly in the area of childhood malnutrition. It is particularly focused on protection and promotion of health and prevention of disease through community-based programs on nutrition, health and social intervention and related aspects of health inequalities. 

CEIDSS has strong experience in developing national (Portugal) comprehensive Programs on tackling thinness, pre-obesity and obesity, evaluation of nutritional Status of the population tackling Obesity trough lifestyle interventions (increasing dietary and physical activity healthy behaviors). The MUN-SI an Eat Mediterranean projects are good examples which have already reached 16 cities/municipalities towards 10000 children.

At International level CEIDSS have been participating in several Consortiums, European Networks and scientific research projects such as World Health Organization European study COSI (Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative); the International Network EPODE; EU funded project OPEN (where MUN-SI and AMEA teens participate), the WHO European Network on Reducing marketing pressure on children” and the “Group of experts for technical advice on the School Fruit Scheme of the European Commission”.


CEIDSS produces innovative intervention research to improve the health status of the population, with an emphasis in Nutrition and Health education and action on health determinants and risk factors linked with Non-Communicable diseases.CEIDSS wants to contribute to enhance the health status of populations, through innovative research and intervention in Health Promotion, and Public Health Nutrition in particular.

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