Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

The Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics was founded in 1988 under the name of the Spanish Association of Dieticians-Nutritionists (AEDN) and subsequently restructured into the General Council of Dietitians-Nutritionists of Spain (CGDN-E) and into the current Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

The Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics represents the scientific interests of human nutrition and dietetics, creating an institution that pursues the utmost recognition of human nutrition, dietetics and food sciences in Spain both at scientific and public levels.

Mission and vision

The Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has the mission of promoting the sciences of human nutrition and dietetics without conflict of interest, with the highest excellence and academic qualification, for professional practice based on evidence, deontology and the service of food of the population.

The Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics represents the scientific interests of human nutrition and dietetics in Spain, raising the highest scientific and public recognition of nutrition and dietetics, being the benchmark for all nutrition and health professionals, as well as for the population.

Main duties

  • Nutrition and dietetics based on evidence, as well as the review, study and scientific positioning of Human Nutrition, Dietetics and Food in the absence of conflict of interest.
  • The representation of the scientific interests of the dietitians-nutritionists and other health professionals who practice in the field of human nutrition, constituting the Academy as scientific and mediating voice of Human Nutrition, Dietetics and Food in Spain.
  • Promote the maximum qualification and academic excellence of the dietitians-nutritionists (degree, postgraduate, doctorate and post-doctorate), establishing relationships with the universities that teach the degree of human nutrition and dietetics and the organizations that represent them, ensuring the presence of dietitians-nutritionists as teachers in the educational and academic programs of the universities.
  • Improving the knowledge and attitudes of consumers in relation to eating habits, through initiatives that promote and promote an adequate diet in health and disease.
  • Promte an adequate diet, without conflict of interests, based on evidence and sustainability, providing training, tools and practical solutions, ensuring reconciliation in the diet and serving the general interests of the whole Spanish population and ecosystems.
  • The research, development, innovation of Human Nutrition and Dietetics promoting and collaborating in research projects.

How we work

We publish a journal for professionals, to encourage the participation of dietitians-nutritionists through the publication of scientific articles, practical cases and professional experiences, as well as promoting the critical reading of articles and national and international publications.

We organize scientific events on nutrition and dietetics, promoting the presentation of scientific work and providing professionals with the necessary scientific tools, as well as encouraging assistance to other international scientific events.

Raising awareness of the importance of nutrition amongst consumers through awareness-raising and education activities.

The implementation of services and means for effective communication, related to Nutrition and Dietetics that promote better health care for the population, as well as the realization of work tools for the best exercise of the profession of dietitian -nutritionist and other nutrition professionals.


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