The EPHNA (European Public Health Nutrition Alliance) is a network of European Nutrition Centers, set up in 2014. The members of the EPHNA are independent organizations, responsible for nutrition and health communication on a national or regional level. The EPHNA currently has 17 members from: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland, Malta, Greece, Latvia, Ireland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Italy and the Alliance is continuously growing.

When established, EPHNA's main goal was to learn from each other’s success, as well as from the difficulties that each country faced. The advice that each individual organization in their country gives is all quite similar, and as such, there is plenty of synergy between organizations across the various countries. All of the organizations have many projects that inspire others and give them the opportunity to learn and work together on many different levels.

The EPHNA wants to expand its network and wants to become the leading partnership on nutrition communication between European countries.

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